Agency Nurses & Carers

Nurses & Carers for Hospitals & Facilities

Grace Healthcare Services prides itself on supplying quality workforce solutions.


Provision of staff to hospitals to meet healthcare needs ensuring that hospitals do not spend valuable time on staffing issues and be more focused core business of healthcare services provision.

Care Facilities

Provision of highly qualified staff on short-notice and/or short-term provision of services throughout Adelaide and parts of South Australia. Our staff can cater for the needs of both the elderly and/or clients with special needs.

Nursing Homes

Provision of the right persons to work on right jobs ensuring empathy and patience towards our ‘in-need’ clients.

Specialist Skills

In addition to meeting staffing requirements of standard healthcare needs, we pride ourselves with an array of highly qualified staff with relevant specialist skills to work with high dependency clients in the wards, theaters or highly specialised recovery process.

Our Engagement Process:

Our engagement is as follows:
  • Gather information about the required services
  • Consultation appointment to help understand your need and propose options
  • Provision of nursing staff based on chosen option
  • Deployment of staff to the assignment
  • Requisition of feedback for compliance to and continuous quality improvements of GHCS standards

Common Questions

Requests can be placed 24/7 and we monitor for calls and request between the hours of 5 am and 10 pm.

For urgent requests, such as same day placements, we require at least 2 hours notice.

We supply all our staff with work tops and they buy their own navy-blue/black bottoms and black/dark shoes

Our staff will comply with your dress code and requirements (e.g. mental health staff may wear neat casual and not be uniformed).

All staff are required to meet the minimum qualifications and conditions of employment  of Employment for Aged Care, Mental Health, Disability, Home Care and Acute General hospitals.

Staff are placed depending on the minimum required skill-set for the position e.g. Qualified RN, Trainee or Specialist Nurse or Carer.

We complete rigorous background checks on all our staff to ensure we can provide reliable, professional, experienced and qualified staff for all shift and placement positions.